Mud Club Membership

Founded in the roots of transformational wisdom, street cred, practical years of study, and a healthy serving of the magical and the mystical.

The Mud Club is a space that is cultivated in the power of nature and the seasons. It is based on a Spiritual approach that is grounded, well–rounded and holistic

It is an opportunity to spend time focusing on yourself in a way that is intentional and purposeful, using Nature as our beautiful teacher. 

You can expect various teachings, healing work, and intentional periods of rest and integration.

What are we actually working on?

I am teaching you all I know about building a life you personally love (yep, totally overused statement, but the sentiment and meaning I desire is there). 

For years, I spent living my life for everyone else. Everything from people-pleasing to being walked all over. From financial loss, emotional exhaustion and physical illness, my life didn’t belong to me.

In all the work I do, I always teach that it begins and ends with us, and what we allow, and choose. It is the underpinning of everything – it’s my own model I teach, with a very powerful and scientific Unicorn name called – me-first

The Mud Club for the last several years of every iteration and round, has been the “me first” club. 

Its core teaching is that you have to take care of yourself first, before you do anything for anyone else. 

The club was crafted as an all encompassing space for me to show people through my lived experience how I built my life. More specifically, how I carefully choose things to build into my life, versus trying to fit my life into everything else. 

I have learned things like:

  • saying no without guilt
  • that I was allowed to change plans just because I want to without having to explain myself
  • and letting people know I’m not okay with or available for certain things.

I have stopped being quiet about certain things that don’t feel good for me. I no longer  show up where I don’t want to be. I’ve learned that saying no, and not doing things that don’t feel good or align for me, is far healthier than the emotional management that’s required to tolerate certain situations.

Uncomfortable? Yes.

Necessary? Also yes.

Does it get easier to put ourselves first over time, and the more often we do it? Yes.

Who is this for?

Folks who are looking for a community of like-soul’ed individuals to engage with on personal and spiritual development.

People looking for a guide/teacher/mentor who has been in the trenches, and shares from her own experience, with a blend of intuitive magic and support.

People who are looking to work with me in a 1:1 capacity, but haven’t quite grasped my concepts or work yet, or who want to commit on a smaller scale to get their feet wet.

People who are already working with me 1:1 and want to experience a group opportunity. 

The club is designed to offer a supportive space, and also access to me as a Spiritual Mentor, Healer and Channel.

Throughout the month there are specific topics, reflections and components that help holistically approach anyone wanting to deepen their spiritual focuses… but also harmonize their body, mind, spirit and emotions. 

What’s it going to look like Miss Heather? Give us the deets.

Typical scope of what you can expect each month:

  • Weekly Prompts / Check-in Posts
  • Weekly Intentions, Focuses & Goals
  • Mid-week anchoring/check in
  • End of the Week Check-in Wrap Up
  • Live Content Videos (replays will be available)
  • Written activities to help you unpack and explore *you*
  • Energy Healing
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Direct Mentorship and Healing from me
  • Regular office hours (meaning, I’m active in the group at specific times if you want to pop in for ‘in the moment’ coaching)
  • Self Exploration Guided Exercises – topics are intentional and deliberate in helping you explore a variety of themes, life areas, and focuses delivered 3-4x per month, depending on the length of the month.
  • One week that is a ‘non-content no post’ week for breathing space/healing/integration and purposeful rest.

Currently – everything is delivered and housed within a private Facebook group.

(don’t have and don’t like Facebook? Make a fake account and join us… just let me know who you are so I can match you up to the payment that’s been issued )

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