Meet Heather

Heather is well connected to Spirit and helps facilitate healing. She offers guidance in a variety of modalities suited to your unique needs.



Believe in Unicorns


Love a good cup of coffee


Are ready for transformation


Believe in the power of magic

Just to be more inclusive  reasonable options like dragons and tea are acceptable substitutes.

What would you like to do?

MUD CLUB Essentials

The “me first club”, that shows you how getting your mind-mud clear, allows you to choose well for the day ahead and beyond.

1:1 Sessions & Readings

An opportunity to invest in yourself and receive personal support and guidance.


Meet and connect in a community of like minded people to be supported in your learning in a group format.

We will be a good fit if...

  • You appreciate gentle yet firm guidance
  • You enjoy a side of humour with your healing
  • You understand that life is an ongoing work in progress

Her intuitive nature allows her to ask the questions that we are often afraid to ask ourselves.

Heather is the kind of teacher that you want to stay in touch with after the semester is over because you know the learning process has just begun. Her intuitive nature allows her to ask the questions that we are often afraid to ask ourselves. She invites you to take a deep look into the mud and wade right in and make mud pies and have a dance party or two. Her small group settings are filled with love, support and encouragement, but she doesn’t just stop there. She offers practical advice and new thought processes as she helps you peal away the old junk that isn’t serving your truth. She has this amazing way of writing that speaks to me on a very personal soul level and I often receive multiple confirmations that I am on the right path. The thing about Heather is that she never tells you what to do or how to do it. She often says if it resonates apply it, if it doesn’t leave it. If you truly open your heart and journey up to this beautiful soul I know your life will start to change in ways you never imagined. My life, my truth, my journey definitely has grown and expanded. Heather is a teacher, a healer, a beautiful intuitive soul. She is also a mentor, a kindred spirit, and my friend. I am very blessed to have encountered her on this journey. See what she has to say and see what starts to change in your life. 

~ SC

Heather’s messages were so accurate and layered.

Some things were clear as soon as I heard them, and others unfolded over several weeks. She has a kind and generous way about her, along with incredible intuition.

~ JT

The only thing more amazing than the services she offers is Heather herself.

She has an amazing gift as an intuitive healer, she helps you deconstruct your life so you can build it back up in a way you will love. Her intuitive reading are 100% on the mark. She is very dedicated to helping people in a genuine way, you can tell she loves what she does and there is nothing but love and integrity that surrounds her services. The emailed intuitive readings are very powerful and helpful as they help you see the whole picture of your life and offer guidance in areas that you should pay attention to, and sometimes shine light on areas you didn’t even think were there. I was in a coaching group she ran in August 2018 and it was one of the biggest life changing events for me. Heather challenged me to be better and want more for myself and through intuitive guidance and genuine passion for helping people she kept me moving forward as I worked through so much mud and I was blown away by the results. I cant stress enough how amazing her services are and how amazing Heather is as a person. She will definitely ROCK YOUR MUD.