Are you seeking Clarity, Guidance & Healing?


Heather meets you where you are with honest, straightforward guidance,

She weaves together actionable advice and Spirit-led wisdom to help you hear your true voice.

Leading by example with frank realness and a sense of humour, Heather will do everything in her power

to guide and support you with integrity, accountability, and loving truth – even when it isn’t what you want to hear.

You will be held in a safe, supportive space as you learn to ground yourself in new depths of intention and awareness,

aligning with your most authentic self.

Meet Heather

Heather is well connected to Spirit and helps facilitate healing. She offers guidance in a variety of modalities suited to your unique needs.

Only keep reading if you’re ready to amplify and heal your awesome life.

Coaching work is multi-layered – true healing takes time.

This is not a bandaid, a one-and-done solution, or a flight of fancy to embark upon when the mood strikes.

If you are willing to show up, to commit to this journey of healing, unpacking, and rebuilding, then Heather will walk beside you in the mess and discomfort of growth to help you clear the mud and build a life you love.


You are ready for Real Authentic Wisdom – even when it’s uncomfortable

You are dedicated to making yourself a priority

You are committed to living in alignment with your true self

YOU are ready to amplify and heal your awesome life!


YOU likely believe in Unicorns


You LOVE a good cup of coffee


You Are ready for transformation


and... you Believe in the power of magic

Just to be more inclusive … reasonable options like dragons and tea are acceptable substitutes for the coffee.


Appointments with me have always been and will always be a very here-and-now experience. This is a safe space. I view this work as stepping into a healing studio together, so I call these Sessions.

Like musicians collaborating on a new song, in our sessions there are frequencies, harmonies, fine-tuning, balancing, and all the other adjustments that go into composing the piece, healing our wounds, and singing the songs of our soul. Your Session may include a combination of any or all of the following elements: channeling from spirit, counseling, coaching, and personal mentorship.

By creating space for what needs to be shared and the freedom to be fully in flow, this approach empowers me to meet you where you are in the moment, allowing me to provide a deeper, more intimate level of guidance and support.


You’re not looking for a quick fix, you’re embarking on a journey of healing and self-knowing; you’re committed to giving yourself the support you need to clear a path through the mud and forge a life you love.

I’m here to walk beside you as a life coach, mindset mentor, and spiritual wayshower, we’ll create a custom package tailored to meet your individual needs. I hold space for you the entire time we are working together – that means I am here to support you between Sessions via voice check-ins, text, and email in-between calls, as needed. I’ve got your back.

Personal Packages are like buying your favourite beans (or getting them ground like I do, because there is only so much energy for mornings) and crafting a personal routine that brings ritual, intention, and presence to your day-to-day.

As Needed Support is like hitting up the drive-through on a tough day to take a moment for yourself, clear your head, and get back on track.

Overwhelmed by the options? I’m here to help you navigate the menu – let’s chat about your wants, needs, and longings.


Book a Consult. Let’s Chat


Life happens. As Needed Support is right for you if…

We’ve worked together before and you need a tune up/check in/realignment

We’ve never met. Frankly, you aren’t sure what you’re getting into, but something is resonating here and you’d love some insight, guidance, and support

You’ve got a muddy mindset block or stuck energy that needs a swift kick in the Unicorn pants (and you’ve heard I’ve got some skill in that department)

You’re looking for long-term support but, let’s be honest, you want to sample the goods before you subscribe to the 3-month relationship plan