Meet Heather

From business cards to oracle cards…

Heather left a 20 year career in the corporate world to immerse herself full time in the magic and wonder of believing and trusting.  She was often referred to as an Intuitive child, but over the years this was squashed by the non-believers.  Until one day, she decided to design the life she loved.

She is a straight shooter, and doesn’t pull any punches. She shares what she is guided to share, and delivers it with love and humour. This means you may not hear what you want to hear, but you will definitely hear what Spirit is saying you need to hear. She has an authentic way of channeling information from a Higher Consciousness that reaches right to the core of the issue. You will receive a great deal of clarity, insight and practical action steps for moving forward.

She feels that we create our reality based on our perceptions and beliefs and will journey beside you without ego, judgement or shame. With a background in addiction treatment and counselling, Heather brings a mixture of clinical experience and is enthusiastic about sharing her life experiences, wisdom and perspectives so that others will feel safe enough to embrace healing.

During any work with Heather, you will be held in a safe, comforting and loving energetic exchange.

Heather’s Story

I used to live with sleepless nights, questions swirling in my head.

I created anxiety and years worth of depression. Sometimes I felt stuck, and I didn’t even know why. Now, when “stuck” or “mud” happens, I at first get tense, possibly have a bit of an adult version of a temper tantrum, and then I see it as an opportunity to learn, heal and evolve.

Do you want to feel joy, balance, and clear?  I know I did, but I had no idea where to turn when the more common treatments stopped working.  When I began my quest for wellness, it soon became a quick alignment with Holistic and Spiritually based practitioners and healers. From Angel Cards, to Reiki, to Shamanism, to meditation, I tried it all.  It all helped depending on the situation. It not only helped me heal, but it showed me that I had my own set of Healing gifts to offer the world.

This was me, and this is who I work with. I continue to work with various healers and practitioners, as life leads me to them. This helps me be the best version of myself so I can show up for you. How do you want to shape your path? How do you want your days to look? How do you, want to feel?

Heather’s messages were so accurate and layered. Some things were clear as soon as I heard them, and others unfolded over several weeks. She has a kind and generous way about her, along with incredible intuition. ~ JT

Ready for Clarity?

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