Heather Tobin

​Intuitive Healer
Energy Maven 
​​Spiritual Wayshower
Life+Biz Coach

After almost a decade of living a secret double life as a corporate 9 to 5-er

by day and kitchen table Coach and Intuitive Card Reader by night, Heather traded in her briefcase and left the corporate world behind to design a life she loved.

Once an intuitive child whose shine was dulled by life in a world of disbelievers, Heather reclaimed her roots, embraced her faith in trust and magic, and took a leap of fate. Her healing coaching practice and new way of life, Rock Your Mud, was born.

Called to Go Deeper

After years of swirling anxiety, sleepless nights, and living in the fog of depression, Heather was forced to look for an alternative to replace the traditional western treatments that just weren’t working.

Seeking balance, clarity, and joy, her quest for wellness led to Holistic and Spiritual healers who introduced Heather to new ways of seeing the world. From Angel Cards and Reiki to meditation and Shamanism, her journey to find healing led Heather to reconnect with intuition and uncover her own healing gifts.

“Helping you quit the bullsh!t story you tell yourself and hear your true voice.”

Heather Tobin Intuitive Healer

Heather is here to share the wisdom that Spirit has for you with love,

humour, and transparent honesty – even if it isn’t what you want to hear. She has an authentic gift for channeling Spirit-led wisdom to share a needed shift in perspective, kick in the butt, loving reminder, soft spot to land, or a cosmic 2×4 upside the head.

With traditional training and over a decade of combined clinical experience in addiction treatment and private counseling, Heather blends practical, actionable steps with spiritual guidance and inspiration to help people learn to see how they can heal themselves. A firm believer that we create our reality based on personal perceptions and beliefs, Heather will show you just how powerful your mindset is, what energy management really means, and journey beside you without ego, judgment, or shame.

I meet you where you are. Whether we walk, run or fly, is up to you.

Rumoured to be the calm, direct, and confident voice in your life that you never knew you needed, Heather shares her own lessons in life experience with frank vulnerability.

Heather works with Spiritually inclined folks who want to become more aligned with their true path and take their personal journey to new depths of awareness and intention. Excited to help people design a life they love, she leads by example through coaching sessions, workshops, e-courses, and intuitive insight messages. During any work with Heather, you will be held in a safe, comforting, and loving, energetic exchange.


Music lover, ardent coffee drinker, full-fledged believer in unicorns

Less concerned with titles than the world thinks she should be, Heather is a transformation innovator, medium/seer/oracle, self-acclaimed blanket-fort queen, and a forever student in the School of Life. She is also the author of A Tiny Book About Gratitude, and Feathers for December, as well as a forthcoming memoir about discovering and aligning with her passionate purpose.

Regardless of what her most appropriate title may be at any given moment, Heather continues to work to illuminate what is possible and share wisdom with the world.

Heather’s messages were so accurate and layered. Some things were clear as soon as I heard them, and others unfolded over several weeks. She has a kind and generous way about her, along with incredible intuition. ~ JT

Ready for Clarity?

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