gratitude journal
A Tiny Book About Gratitude is your guide to seeing your world through a lens of appreciation and thankfulness. It is an opportunity to explore a few different yet simple ways to have a practice that works for you.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to have gratitude during challenging times
  • That gratitude goes beyond having a list in a journal
  • How gratitude is a simple underused moment-to-moment game changer

Gratitude is one of the simplest and most practical exercises anyone can do. When it comes to the basics of setting the tone for the day, using it as an end of day practice or as soul-balm throughout the day, these simple techniques really can help you to create daily magic. What do you feel grateful for today?

feathers for december

Dear Spirit, how can I be of service? How can I help people feel comforted, safe and uplifted?

These were the questions that inspired Heather Tobin to write a message for each day during the month of December in 2020. A month that would prove itself to be filled with a blend of energies, emotions and layers to sort through and heal. Some channeled, some personal, some timely and all divinely downloaded.

Feathers are viewed as a symbol of connection to the Higher Realms and in Heather’s work, this is exactly what she does. She brings the realms together and shares the insights she is given and trusts that the messages will always be heard and received by the people who need them. The messages contained within this book can be read at any time as they are teachings, notes of inspiration and support.

Feathers for December is an open invitation to slowly savour the messages to guide you along and give you a daily dose of comfort or immerse yourself in an afternoon of spiritual solace.

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