If you’ve yet to take an e-class with me, I love to share that there is always a wealth of information, surprises and extras of some kind, and as always, me fully available for questions and support. The format of these classes occur in an online group.

Mudpies to Manifesting

This class is for anyone who wishes to consciously create their life, and use their power of manifesting in an intentional and aware way.

Are you ready to activate your manifesting superpower?
Do you want to shift your energy and awareness and see how the law of attraction and manifesting already happens in your life?
Are you interested in practical, realistic and tangible action steps to implement this daily?
Do you want to learn how to clean the slate and get that new start you’ve been wishing for?

Self Care: Loving You First

This class is for those of you who have forgotten to fill your cup first.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
Are you ready to pay attention to and reactivate your best self?

Don’t know where to begin to love yourself?
Need to start or get back into a daily ritual of self-care and self-love?
Are you feeling blocked or stuck in a cycle of mind-mud or a heavy-heart?
Do you want practical daily tips on nourishing your heart?

Spiritual Development

This class is for people who are beginners, curious, or well versed in all things Spiritual.

Are you ready to be soulfully nourished or want to know what that means?
Are you choosing to embrace a new way, or deepen your spiritual focus?
Do you have questions around why a particular spiritual ritual isn’t working?
Do you want to know about the deeper meaning behind how a spiritual practice can help you in your day to day life?
Are you interested in learning how to build your own spiritual rituals and choose what’s best for you?

Mud Club

Many of you have heard about the 5AM club, and realistically that isn’t for everyone, so I like to call this the me first club. It’s a place to help get your mind-mud clear, or at least organized in a way that allows you to choose well for the day ahead.

Often, I am asked, “What can I do to start my day off right, and where do I do it?”

I realized that so many people have desires and good intentions but they weren’t sure what to do with them or how to stay on track.  So I came up with The Mud Club.

Shift happens whether you like it or not, but if you get intentional and focused about key aspects of it, you can actually design a life you love, rather than a life you’re not so thrilled with.

The Mud Club is about actual practical magic and getting things done in a way that works.  It’s a space where self accountability shines, and you can truly set yourself up to embrace a new way of being if you try.

What To Expect
the group is self-guided, there are no set times to show up, or official live classes to attend
suggestions, posts, ideas, theme of the day is posted first thing in the morning.
there are guidelines, an outline of recommendations, and invitations to consider. The space is about soul-led choosing, you can take what most resonates, and leave the rest.
there is a daily gratitude prompt, as well as an evening check in.
support from the group members to help cheer you on, as well as myself
it’s a chance to learn to get organized and prioritize what lights you up in a way that works for you
begin to clear old baggage, stories and beliefs
receive personal intuitive guidance for the questions and moments that pop up during your time in the group

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In Person Events

In Person Events are being brewed!
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