All day I’ve been listening to this mind-numbing noise outside.

They are installing some techy upgrades to the neighbourhood and the whole situation has caused more noise pollution in the last week than I think I’ve heard in the last two decades. Which is saying something considering I always seem to live near a fire hall or a main street.

The trucks are everywhere.

There is an increase in people energy everywhere.

They have interrupted the flow of trash and recycling pick up.

They are consistently blocking the roads, and driveways.

Grass has been dug up.

There are boards, and cables, and everything just seems to be everywhere.

They have spread utmost aggravation across all levels, and it has been a domino effect.

People are p!ssed.

For the last couple of days, I’ve opened my front door and screamed expletives at the situation, and the world in general.

1 – it’s highly therapeutic.

2 – they can’t hear me.

Just now though, as one of the workers was down one of the holes doing what needed to be done, along came another worker.

I could hear excited shouting (yes, over the loud racket and rumbling of machinery), and looked out my window.

The “shouting guy” had an upbeat bounce in his step, and the “guy the hole”, couldn’t jump out fast enough.

The “shouting guy” extended his hand, pulled him up out of the hole and they embraced in the longest brotherly hug I’ve seen in a very long time.

Regardless of the noise in your life, is there someone you could reach your hand out to or offer a hug?

We certainly could use a lot less noise, and a lot more hugs.