This is the energy insight message for the month of November that I channeled this morning.

? Your True Path is Calling

We are being called to step up and take action in a way that goes beyond the systems we’ve been led to believe. Do you agree with the systems you’ve put yourself into? Whatever “the system” means to you.

The call of your heart to step forward with purposefulness and intentionality is strong. There is a demand for heart-led choosing.

We need it.

We can no longer trust the old paradigm and ways of being. The human-made day-to-day repertoire is not serving you.

You know this, and rather than tapping into your divine creativity you continue to play the game, stay in the grind, and embody the drama, rather than the future-self or true-self creation.

This insight is a calling for you to recognize that **everything** is a choice.

What you choose, how you react to what you choose, and what you repeatedly choose becomes the magnet that pulls your experience closer to you and amplifies it.

Are you satisfied with what you’re attracting into your life? …. Or perhaps with who?

We say things like, I can’t wait to win the lottery, or I will be happy when.. or we complain about the costs of things… this is part of the grind-system. This is what “they” want.

The unhappier (negative) you are, the less creative you are, the less creative you are, the less independent you can be. The less independent you are, the less the risk of radical magic and change.

We can no longer use excuses like, this is the way it’s always been, or this is how we’ve always done things.

Have you tried to do something different? Did you stick with it long enough? Humans are such impatient beings due to conditioning.

Stop living for the destinations, the outcomes, the finals. Do you really want to be ‘at the end’?

What is so wrong with this moment? The journey, the path, the steps? Where are you trying to get to? Really?


? Appearances

Have things changed over the last few years, and appeared worse? Absolutely.

But the key word here is ‘appearance’.

Appearances are deceiving.

When you pause your reactions, emotional compulsions, and your outbursts of what you “think” you are upset about… what do you see?

Rest assured that what you *think* you are angry about… is only what is presenting… an appearance.

If you dig more deeply into that perceived anger/pain point/disappointment, what is it actually?

A lack of safety? Security? A sense of belonging?

A disconnect from your true-self? Your higher-self? The Universe/Creator/Spirit?

Anxiety and depression are at a high level right now, this is what happens when the foundation is rocked.

The foundation of the basics of what you require in this life to feel stable, at the surface level of these emotions we turn into stories. We don’t need to be so extra about things.

If you’re feeling unstable or uncomfortable it’s because the/your worldly experience is shifting.

? You can opt in, or opt out.

Many, have chosen to opt-out, as they are no longer with us in this form, and some of opt-ed out in mind, but are still physically here in body. What commonly would be seen as psychosis, is more of a letting go in mind, but unable to completely let go in body. This is why so many people appear to be tuned out, self-centered, and unable to see anything around them. Some cases more severe than others. They are vacant, when you look into their eyes.

For the ones who have opted in, they appear connected. They are “online”, dialed in, aware, loving, compassionate, peaceful and bring a special energy wherever they go. Their presence is what changes the energy of a room.

If you’ve opted-in, surround yourself with kindred-folk who have done the same. It will change your experience here.

? Body Experience

You may be feeling: dizzy, foggy, weighed down – playing mental gymnastics – because you’re spending too much time in your head analyzing, dissecting and processing. — this is not the way.

Mid-back pain – lack of heart-led choosing — this is the way. ?

Seeing shadows, dark spots out of your peripheral – you are morphing into your next level whether you want to or not, the shadows representing what you are leaving behind. Grieve your energetic debris, make peace with your new chapter.

? Energy Management

Time in nature. Feet on the ground. Hug a tree.

Less technology, less screens, less doom-scroll.

Less people. Learn to be alone with yourself, it’s the most intimate experience you’ll ever have.

Pace yourself. Dashing here there and everywhere, leaving things to the last minute, is exhausting.

Say no.

If something feels off, it probably is – but start by looking at yourself first.

Live as you choose, by design or by force.

Heal on,

Heather ?