Greetings Magical Ones, ??

I’m recognizing that I can no longer play the game.

I’ll warn you, you might not like some of what I say here.

It might mean you no longer want to be connected, and that’s none of my business.

I ask that you stay or go in peace. ?️

I’ve always been a truth bringer. It’s one of the gifts that came with me in this incarnation.

It once kept me in decades of denial, until I realized that the truth is a gift.

Seeing the truth, is not an easy journey, it is a necessary journey.

I used to say I can’t be angry about the truth, but I will be angry about the lies.

I never really understood why I said it, as it didn’t seem like what I said came from me, but, I knew it was of me. Soul knowing if you will.

The truth “just is”, and what we choose to do with it, and move forward is what matters.


For the last couple of weeks, I have dabbled with deleting my online presence.

Only maintaining essential forms of communication online with clients.

Not in some pomp and circumstance way, but in an aligned authentic way.

I was once told that I often say what most people are thinking but afraid to say.

I am here to share, what I think many of my kindred soul connections have thought themselves.

? May my offering be a compass to heal your way home within.

? Issues I witness at the overall global deeper level:

People who deny true-history.

People who can’t see their own privilege.

People who say things like – well it’s not like that “now”, yet they don’t realize they are benefiting from the systems of oppression that the foundation upon which their riches are built.

People who pretend racism, classism, ablism, homophobia and genocide are no longer issues.

People who choose sides without knowing the story, and believe me, no one has the full story.

That women are continuing to exhaust themselves on repeat, even after multiple burn outs.

That the world is run by white rich men, (still!) Even when there is a woman ‘in power’, it’s so obvious to see there is ongoing puppeteering.

People spewing the same excuses week after week, month after month, and think that they’ll fix it / focus on it – “whenever”, they just need that magical date to hit the calendar before they make the big change.

The people who don’t understand that ‘to mean well’ or have ‘good intentions’, is only part of showing up. Just because you have no ill-intent, doesn’t mean you’re excluded from also being informed.

? Issues I witness at the personal intimate level:

That people have no idea what a healthy relationships/friendships/connection means.

That most often it seems folks are inclined to only connect with you when they want something.

Many people are emotionally unavailable.

Many people are not reliable.

Gossip is poison.

People have zero boundaries with themselves, and therefore others.

Saying ‘no’ is not a personal attack or offence to the person you’ve said no to, check your ego.

The lies that people spit.

No amount of money or taking what isn’t yours – will lead to long term harmony.

Shiny objects usually lead to resentment, disappointment and/or overwhelm.

People are treating other people like they don’t matter.

The self centeredness is so loud it’s deafening.

? After spending the last few days in deep reflection, deep emotions, and a migraine to make sure the medicine emulsified in my body, I’m embracing my Witch wisdom, and sharing it for anyone who has made it this far.

Loves, if you’re keen, here are some considerations on ‘what to do’:

We keep our energy clean.

We keep our spiritual self in line, and in harmonic integrity.

We zone in and focus on what it is that we need to create in our lives in a peaceful way, so that the ripple effect outward is also peaceful.

We remember that WE ARE ALL ONE.

Separation is a human-made construct. Stop it.

What from the skin crawling truth-list are you willing to own, and improve in your life? Pick one thing, to understand better. To research. To experience. To know deep within.

New knowledge doesn’t mean you were / are wrong – it means, you’ve evolved.

I don’t have all the answers, but maybe this is a start to some.

H. ??

Reminder – I ask that you stay or go in peace. ?️

If you need healing and mentorship getting into Soul Alignment, reach out, and let’s get started. I’m ready for the people who are ready for their truth.