It has been just over 12 hours since I woke. It’s been about 10 since I tried to compose “just the right” piece for a year end message.
It has been about 5 minutes, since I realized that I really don’t need to write/say/do anything. As today was about me looking inward, reflecting and feeling.
I sat with my beautiful new smudge bowl in front of me, a candle lit, and played my drum. I prayed to the Creator. Everything I needed to “say”, I felt in my heart, and knew my previous attempts were coming from a different place.
You see, everything I thought I needed to do today, was a creation of my mind.
When I got into my heart, I was gifted these words.
Keep it simple.
Everything in life, can be simplified if we embrace each 24 hour gift with love. Love in our actions, our thoughts and words. By focusing on today, this moment, right here right now, we will build a week, a month, and soon, a year. Don’t put pressure on 2018 to “hopefully be better than the last”. Just take things one day at a time, from a love filled space.
Happy New Year, New Day, New Minute.
Heather ??