Not everyone is going to support you.  Not everyone is going to like what you do, or even agree with it because of their own set of life rules. There will be naysayers and haters a-plenty. They will hold nothing but resentments and jealousy towards you. They will make you feel small.  They will dull your sparkle.  They will wait for you to fail. They will do everything in their power, to make sure you maintain your suffering so that they have permission to maintain theirs.

Then, one day, magic. You will look at your soul, way way way deep down, within the rubble of all the bricks that have been thrown at you, will emerge your true authentic self. You will see the battle wounds, the scars, the heartache, and know the days of madness so clearly, you could re-enact them with expert accuracy.

When this magical shift happens, you will realize, there is another group of people that behave much differently. These people are your posse, your crew, your soul-squad, your biggest cheerleaders.  These people, are the beautiful souls that align with you on your journey.  You won’t believe that they are real.  They will be kind, generous, and exceptionally supportive.  They will view your passions and your work as the beautiful creations that they are.  They will celebrate your joys and successes, and they will help you process your lessons. They will help you brainstorm ideas. They will sit and listen.  They will let you cry.  They will pick you up. They will hold sacred space for you.  Let them.
These people, believe in you. They will believe in you when NO one else does.  They will believe in you, when you have lost your way.  They will hold your heart, when it is too heavy a burden for you on your darkest days.  Let them.
I write this for all the real-deal people, who stuck around when no one else would, for the souls that recognize me, for the people who are brave enough to embrace their authentic selves and take the steps needed to live in their truth.