The annual “label” thrown my way is that I’m a Grinch. So, here we go. I proudly stand before you with my magical Grinch words and offer you the latest from my soul.
I’m used to labels. You see when I decided I didn’t want to “fit in” anymore, I naturally excommunicated myself mostly everyone I used to spend my time with. New friendships and connections have formed, it wasn’t easy, but it was necessary.
Perhaps I am anti-holiday because of what has become of them. I am anti-debt, anti-over commercialization, anti-keeping up with the Joneses, or let’s say Kardashians to keep this current, but the problems are still the same.
My personal all time absolute favourite thing at this time of year, are all of the alcohol references, in jokes, tv shows, memes, talk show hosts, on how best to “cope” with the holiday season.
Wait. Cope with the holiday season. You know, as much as I detest alcohol for a plethora of reasons, the marketing is brilliant!
Now, before you think I’m headed for a train wreck, hear me out.
Why do we have to cope with the holidays? Why are the holidays so stressful? Why are they so unbearable?
During this time of over commercialization, debt and year end madness. Please remember to have alcohol on hand at all times to make sure you can cope with it all!! The alcohol industry is A BIG business. We all know this. We also know, they have you right in their dirty little hands. Cha-CHING!
Remember this, most likely within 24 hours of December 25th, everything you’ve been stressing over, agonizing over and trying to make perfect will be over. Sad isn’t it? Ho hum.
BUT you’ll be able to sit down with your favourite bottle and drink up! Actually, probably not your favourite because you’d already have that gone, now you’re on the last resort stuff. Which is fine, because you’ll still be able to forget all about it! In fact, why don’t you just drink during the festivities? Actually, start now! While you’re reading this post!
Folks, you don’t have to buy anything for anyone. You do not have to go in debt. You do not have to do what you’ve always done, because your favourite Aunt Guiltrip, and Uncle Shames will be disappointed if you don’t. I’m not here to rob you of the joy you want to create in your life, but I’m here to let you know that the build up for one day a year, can be much more aligned and deepened if you choose your actions, your gifts, and your plans with what is authentic to you.
There is nothing inherently wrong with gifting something to someone, but it is the overindulgence to the point that come January, all those 2017 problems you don’t want in 2018? Are right there with you. Of course, you can take one of those bottles you stashed and cope while you open your credit card bills, or, you can decide to do things differently.
A box of chocolates isn’t love. Perfume doesn’t get you the partner. A mountain of gifts under a perfectly good tree that has been chopped down out of a forest isn’t true happiness. (Feel free to reference former posts about nails in my sweet gifted tree to see how I feel about their pain).
Alcohol isn’t how you cope.
We bring this stress on ourselves, we allow ourselves to be entangled with people who do the same. It doesn’t have to be that way. Coping, is not living. It is existing. It is getting through the phase as pain free and as quickly as possible, yet all we do, is create more pain because we stay in the vicious cycle. We don’t actually look at what’s really going on, or why we are doing what we are doing.
Do what actually feels good and right in your heart. If you do decide to indulge, with gifts, plans, food or alcohol, do it consciously and ask; is this a loving act? Or an act that will lead to regret.
Heather, a Different Kind of Grinch ??