A month of hills and valleys and several WTF moments. Nothing personal August, but seriously?
I had decided at the beginning of August that I wanted the remaining 5 months of this year to be a very disciplined focus on a few specific things. Some I’ve shared publicly, some I’ve kept close to my heart. The brilliance in this is how the Universe said, Okay that’s great Heather, but first, we’re going to tie up some loose ends, because you created some stuff that needs to be worked out.
*sigh* adulting. Life responsibility and ownership. Yadda yadda enlightenment. I jest, but this is exactly what was going on. I was entering a new phase of understanding what it means to take responsibility for myself and my life. I don’t mean showing up at a job on time, or paying bills or scrubbing toilets, or putting gas in the car, although that’s all part of it, I mean embracing a deeper meaning of what this life is… FOR me. That I am designing.
So along came the days of August. There were some challenges and rings of fire, and well, it wasn’t so delightful, a lot of the time. I could list all the “negatives” but I know that that is only my perception, in fact what I do know, is that every morsel of what occurred was necessary to get me to this place.
Today, it feels like there are little streamers of tail ends… or should I say tale ends?
Pages to be turned, chapters to be closed, stories to finish.
As I sit here this morning enjoying a cup of hot awesomeness, I am feeling those loose ends being tied up, and cut away. I feel a beautiful cool breeze enter my space, the air feels lighter, the energies feel balanced, and I feel like I can let my shoulders relax now that they’ve stopped trying to kiss my ears.
I’ve become more intimate with my shadow side this month, and the beauty in that darkness is mind blowing, if I sit with it long enough to see the light contained within;
I am, light and dark.
I’m looking at the flame of a tealight candle I have lit next to me, and I know that flame, is my mirror.
It is showing me that I glow, I flicker, I burn brightly. I am still a light in the darkest of places, and I am dark, in the light places.
A beautiful ceremony of balance indeed.
Heather ??