As we align more fully into who we are, we out grow many things. People, foods, homes, work places, books, vitamins, attitudes, belief systems, labels.
It is when we hold onto things we struggle, we stay stuck. We think about what we need, rather than feeling about what we need.
I’ve been stuck for the last five months. My stuck point has been “hope”. Yes that’s right. Hope. I’m deeply grateful that this was pointed out to me by a Medicine Woman who I have deep respect and appreciation for. I didn’t even flinch when this was shown to me. Instead, I cried. I cried because it was true. I’ve been hoping, for so much, for so long. Hoping for things to fall into place. Hoping I would see return on all the investments I thought I was making into myself. You see, I’ve outgrown hope. The Universe, Creator, God, whatever word I use, meets me where I am at, and I need to start showing up as the person, the soul, the spirit, that I AM. Not because I hope to be this, but to recognize I already AM.
As much as I have shown up, I’ve only been hoping, that my presence has been felt and seen. Now, I intend for it to be seen. No more doubting. No more denying. No more false beliefs.
Again, from this divine Medicine Woman:
I AM a visionary. I AM a healer. I AM a wisdom keeper and seer.
The medicine I’m taking in today, is to sit with the I AM rather than the “hope”.
My vision and wisdom for you today; dear ones, is that this period of time has been challenging for many. I don’t see when this will end specifically because “time” is a whole other ball of wax, but the healer in me knows, that no matter how challenging the times get, it is how you react to those times that will make it feel more or less challenging. I see that this all comes down to choice, every drop of it. No matter what is happening around us, no matter what the beliefs are, we choose what we do with the information we have, we choose what we do with the feelings we experience. We choose what we want to align with.
I see you choosing differently today, I see you believing differently today, I see you aligning with you …and it is so. ?