Did you know that the valleys are for rest?

When you find yourself in the valley, of the tour de hills and valleys – know that the valley is not the place to make decisions from.

Consider that the valley is your winter.

Winter is rest, renewal, hibernation.

Winter is reflection, quiet, and a journey inward.

The valley is safe.

Molten lava does not bubble at the bottom of the valley, so you can release your death grip from the side of the hill, and just be, in the valley.

Answers, direction and ‘what’s next’ come after resting.

If you could have manufactured the answers by now, you would have.

Let the valley be your resting place.

It isn’t your quitting place unless you decide to make it so.

Let the valley mend your heart.

Let the valley mend your mind.

Let the valley give you the strength and the compassion needed to embrace intentional and purposeful steps up the hill, versus claw grips of pseudo-control that your brain fabricates.

Good things come to those who make peace with the valley.

Let rest happen.