We outgrow people, places and things. This isn’t unnatural. But we often beat ourselves up for it. We cling to whatever it might be, because of what it represented. Thinking there is something wrong with us, if we “cut someone out”. The truth us, when you go through significant healing or events during your life, everything is going to change. We think that we have some sort of loyalty or responsibility to a person because they were there for us during a certain period of time, but you’ve since gone in different directions. We think we need to keep visiting a place because it reminds us of where we grew up, but now it looks and feels different and we can’t find that joy it once represented. We think we need to hold onto things because they were given to us by a since passed family member.
I’ve come to believe that these people, places and things, anchor us to our pasts, and hold us back from experiencing the new. From stepping fully into ourselves now. Memories, and experiences live on forever in our hearts, and just because a person place or thing was good for you at one point in your life, it does not mean it needs to be present now.
There isn’t anything wrong with outgrowing anything, it is a sign of transformation. It is a sign of change. It is a sign of peeling back another layer of your soul truth. Give yourself permission to cut those anchors.
What people, places and things, do you need to be free of so that you can align with you, now.