I know you like to make lists.  I know you say you want to try this, or consider that, or you want to think about doing something maybe.  I know you think about a lot of things.  I know you have big plans, and goals.  I don’t know what your goals are or what is on your lists or what you deeply desire to do, but I do know, you probably …..

….want to wait until Monday, or someday, or you have to wait until you use up all the ‘stuff’ you have laying around first.  Or the food that you don’t want to waste, or get on that treadmill that you have tucked away in the corner, have that personal development book waiting on your coffee-table that you bought 3 months ago.

….how many Mondays have come and gone? How many times have you said you were going to donate the stuff? Give the food to the less fortune so you can stock up on other items? Dusted off the treadmill? Use the book as a landing pad for your remote control?

Can you please just take action? DO something today, that’s different than what you have always done, it’s time.