I’ve learned some big lessons in the last week and a bit about how much time I am reserving in my life for me.

As a Business Owner, Wife/Partner/Spirit Mate, Goddess of the Home, and cat mom, there’s a lot going on. Always.

The lists in fact, are never ending.  Now I love some good organizational tips and techniques, but when the lists need an index, and their very own stationery set, we’ve gone too deep.

After an exceptionally busy week last week, a migraine greeted me and said, nope. No more missy! So I spent my Saturday in bed. Not quite what I had planned. But due to my workload, self imposed pressures, the new moon, mercury in retrograde, the Global rising awareness, those who are still asleep, and everything in between, I needed a break. 

What I share with people on pretty much a daily basis, is that we have two options. We can do things by choice, or we can do them by force.  When we don’t do things by choice, the Universe (force) gives us the cosmic cuff upside the head, course corrects us and there is no point in wasting your time trying to fight back. 


So, we lean into surrender, we tuck our humble tail between our legs, and we say okay I’m listening.

I wrapped up some work on Sunday when I was feeling better. 
I cleared my calendar.
I let people know I’d be unavailable for a few days.
I reached out to my business MasterHeart group surrounding some boundaries.
I spent time with my love. 
I booked self care appointments.

I took a break.

When was the last time you took a break? 

I had to assess my systems, make some adjustments and take a Thunderbird’s eye view of what all is and has been going on. 

I needed a reset.

Today, is a much better day.  I feel balanced, peaceful and almost like it might be okay to reconnect with the world again. 

This time, slowly, gently, and with ease.

Systems, not goals. 
Routines and rituals, not demands and deadlines. 
Graceful movement, not hustle and push. 

You are so loved,