There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than nature and the gifts that our creator has given us. All we have to do is look around. It doesn’t take much to reconnect to the beauty of it, similarly, it doesn’t take much to be completely taken away from our peace.

When I am doing deep healing work, shifting the bullshit story I tell myself, and expanding my heart, I often experience a certain amount of anxiety and physical dis-ease. I know it is all temporary, but at the time it feels awful. My skin crawls, my stomach turns, I awake in the middle of the night from crazy unsettling dreams. But I embrace it. I take it all and I love on it. I love on it hard, because I KNOW if I resist it or if I try to stop it from happening it will simply stunt my process and block me.

On Saturday I took the reminder from someone I did a healing session with (since we all need Coaches and Healers in our lives – yes, especially us coaches and healers 😉 ) to get my butt into nature.

So I did. My soul needed it SO much.

It was the absolute most beautiful thing I have done for myself in a really long time.

I was there surrounded by my Guides, my Angels, the Universe, I’m sure Luna was there too, my feet in the river, touching the rocks, sitting on another, sun on my back, pen in hand and I wrote. I felt, and I wrote. I let everything Spirit was guiding me to write to flow through my hands and heal me deeply. I was reminded of so many beautiful things in those moments, I truly could have stayed there forever.

So my friends, I ask you, do you need to reconnect? Do you need to put a hold on your crazy thoughts, your stress, your anxiety, your demands, your every day living “stuff”, and go be in the beauty and healing moments of nature?

I do believe this is a resounding hell yes! So, go, then tell us all about it.File_002 (1)