I had what I thought was a heart-breaking moment the other day, but in fact was soul-awakening.  A Coach I came across and had been following for a while, really blew up the bridge up between us.  We met on a mutually liked page and conversation ensued, which is typical for any of us in a common, industry, if you will. I hate that word industry, but I digress.

The other night, this person was doing a Live feed on what they do, and had a general chat going with the viewers asking questions.  This person started getting really “puffy”.  Not like a cat who gets puffy when angry, but “ego-puffy”.  I think I’m going to trademark that phrase.

They sat talking on their live feed and started knocking people who do Reiki.  My heart skipped a beat for a second, and then I got wide-eyed and almost ego-puffy myself! They then back peddled a bit to say that it’s not about respecting what the person does or doesn’t do, it’s about respecting the person. But in saying this, they laughed and snickered.  I certainly could have been fine with this had they said they didn’t believe in Reiki personally, and that it’s not something that worked for them, but they could see how others have benefited, but they didn’t.  It was callous.  I sat with this for a minute, and immediately tuned this person out and closed the feed.  I won’t waste my time or words on the rest of what was being said, because the 2 minutes I watched was plenty but it made me get even clearer  about things.

How could this person respect me, but not respect my work, my beliefs, my actions.  My work is immersed in every cell of my body.  My intuitive healing and being able to tap into what’s happening with someone doesn’t just disappear because the person I’m standing in front of doesn’t respect it.  But in this moment I felt small. Laughed at. Not good enough. A disappointment.  Then, it turned around. In a brief a moment,  I realized I was grateful that I had never signed up to work with this Coach.  This person is a very logical minded, practical, science based thinker.  This is a draw for me, because I value that in a person, there is nothing inherently wrong with this, and I too, in the past was heavily science-based and practical, and in some situations I still am.  You see, given the circumstances, I select what works for me in the moment, that will bring me the most healing and the greatest learning.  Also, depending on who I am working with at the time, I adapt what medicine I use.

As a little bit more context , a few weeks back this person also insisted when I was trying to write a bio, that it didn’t matter what I thought, what mattered was what everyone else thought.  Now what in the HELL brought that into my energetic field? What matters is what other people think? Oh my. OH MY.

This conversation was the demise of our online brainstorming chats. But I let them continue with what they were saying.  Something in me needed to hear this. They said that since I had my certifications in addictions and counselling, I should tell people that.  That any degrees I had should definitely be mentioned because people like to see that stuff.  Oh, and you say you’re a writer? Who have you written for?  I felt crushed, I didn’t know where to park this medicine that was being offered.  Of course they would have called it something other than medicine, and at the time, I called it offensive, frustrating and insulting.  Which are all medicines.

What I know is this, I thoroughly believe in the magic of the moon, Reiki energy, my ability to write and create from my soul, my ability help people heal based on my intuition, my ability to manifest the life I have now embraced as my path, my ability to bring clarity to people when they are stuck in a fog.  What I also know is that the people I work with have not once asked to see my Degree in Soul-Lead work, or heart-centered focus.  Or my certificate in Life Design – oh, I might have to trademark that phrase too.

My favourite part of this is the big beautiful awesome moment to wrap this all up in a tidy perfect package, with a pretty little bow, was when I gleefully tossed the certificates/labels/pieces of paper in the garbage that showed my education/training/qualifications. I felt no shame or guilt.  I felt empowered.  I felt clear.  I felt, free.    I of course kept my Reiki Certificates, but I didn’t have to.  Because I know who I am, and what I do.  Those of you who know me, also know.

My second favourite part was yesterday.  I saw this person had saved their live feed and posted it with a warning that said if you’re Spiritual / Religious do not watch this video, the first thing I wanted to do was write a lengthy reply on their comments about the difference between the two, but also, to tell them how much THEY had hurt me.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t because I realized that they didn’t actually hurt me, I thought I was hurt, but it was a dose of medicine I needed, to keep myself firmly planted as the person I have become and continue to unearth.

I decided that I needed to delete this person from my friends list and un-follow them, that also felt freeing.

I understand they have a stance, and I have mine.  My stance is this, I don’t need or want anyone in my immediate or even arms length circle who will knock what I do, or what I believe.  If you make fun of the fact that I believe there is a Creator,  that my candle flickers when I do my energy work, that I am most intuitive when the moon is full, that I burn resentments in a cauldron, that I pray every night and day to something I feel in my soul, that I talk to the water in the beautiful creek I’m moving away from, that I cannot wait to love the forest I’m moving to and listen to the trees as they speak to me,  that energy is all around us, that crowded rooms and unhealthy people make me itch, that I pull into parking spots or arrive at places only to turn around and leave because energetically I know I cannot be there, or that I manifested my relationship, my financial situation, my life, then, please, exit my energy field, I’m so nice, I’ll even help you pack your things.

Stay true to who you are my friends.  Stay true to what makes your heart smile and your soul harmonious.  Just like this person I released from my space, who I vehemently disagree with, kudos to them for staying true to themselves, just as I am.