Because You Are You….she said.

My dear friend Gloria had no idea the level of impact this statement would have on me the other day as she wrote that in response to another piece I had written.

I took this statement right into my heart. I feel like I could write an entire book on this topic or several chapters anyway, of the importance of being ourselves and seeing the magic in who we are, but right now, I have this snippet.

I realized that I’ve always gone about things differently. That being a rebel has actually worked for me in many ways. It also means I’m stubborn, driven and focused on a whole other level.
It means, I’ve carved my own path. I use my own creative spin on words and delivery. I show up fully and completely as myself, and although I might latch on to ideas or suggestions, I find some way to make it my own.

I embrace and acknowledge that there are “proven” and “tried and true” methods for everything, but what if you’re someone who doesn’t fit into that category and it just doesn’t work for you? It is essential for all of us to follow our paths. We must remember that that when we try to do things the ONLY way we’ve been shown, we shove ourselves into boxes, classrooms, thought patterns and ideas and quite possibly stunt our potential to expand, heal and learn even more.

Can you be courageous today? Can you dare to peek at what may be just beyond the idea or the suggestion, or the way you’ve always done something? What’s the worst that can happen? It’ll either work amazingly in a way you never expected, or it won’t, and your tried and true method will be re-affirmed. Either way, you win, because you… are you.