We have likely all heard it, and said it, I’m stuck.
Two words that hold such immense power, we can render ourselves debilitated. Think of the last time you were stuck. Or maybe you feel stuck right now. What did you do? What are you doing? I would get those frown lines in my forehead, struggled to find an answer, got super agitated that I couldn’t understand why I was stuck, booked an emergency hair appointment to make a dramatic change (a good stylist won’t let you do this immediately as they will question your judgement to make sure you’re alright), ate a pound of chocolate, googled how to become un-stuck. Then I would sleep it all off, wake up the next morning………… and still stuck.
We are programmed to believe that discomfort is bad, and that being stuck is bad. Yes, I know pain feels awful, but if you’re going to be stuck anywhere, spend it with me here for a few minutes.
Let’s consider being right in the middle of our stuck-ness is exactly what we need. Being stuck really gets your attention, doesn’t it? You go into oh-shit mode, and you try to soothe and comfort that poor little stuck-ness in all it’s glory. You do all you can to make it feel better or make it stop. Feeling stuck sucks. I know. I get it. We think we are incapacitated.
Let me run that by you again, ‘WE THINK’ we are incapacitated.
What if being stuck is a time to pause, reflect, and then act? Sacrilege! How dare you suggest that we change how we think about our stuck-ness Heather! Yep. I just did.
Next time you feel stuck, instead of looking for the latest avoidance tactic or distraction technique, sit for a minute. Acknowledge that you feel stuck, and hold the energy of inquiry about what you may heal or learn. Do you want to grow? To Level-up? To expand? Re-Align?
Since we can we can reprogram how we think about things. I present you, the Heatherized definition of “I’m Stuck”.
One who chooses to be enabled, and believes this into reality.
We have the power to make this decision, the choice is yours. The next time you feel stuck, what will you choose?