We often hear people talking about letting go of the “how”, when it comes to taking steps on a goal or a decision that needs to be made, and if we truly surrender it, oh my the things that come.
Yesterday, while I was reflecting on keep doing, stop doing and change how I do it “stuff” – I received an email. It was a blog post from a woman who I was in a business group with last year and had stayed in contact with. I was delighted, as I wanted to read what she had written.
You can read that blog here: https://www.kathymercure.com/blog/
When I got to the part where she included my name and part of the reading I had done, it blew me away. I wasn’t expecting it, I didn’t ask for it. It wasn’t even on my radar. I was touched by how my message reached her heart and now, she had reached mine.
You see what she and no one else knows, is that I regularly struggle with what I should continue to do versus not do with my healing practice. Should I keep doing readings? Or should I do hand written intuitive messages? Should I do hands on healing? Or stick with remote work? Should I do one on one coaching or only focus on my group? Should I write the workbooks I’m thinking of? Or should I do audio downloads? Should I do it all? Or just focus on one thing at a time.
Her message also came through the day before I’m headed to a Psychic Fair today, yup you guessed it, to do readings.
So, readings stay. Got it. Thanks Universe. This is another example of “signs” at work.
Just shy of a year ago, I found a tea cup with a beautiful artwork on it, I remember crying as I held it in the store because it touched me so much. Within a couple of days, I had found the artist online, shared my experience with her, and we had a beautiful chat one creator to another, and I want to quote what I read of hers that turned things around for me that day before her and I chatted.
“Before anything else, my work is about honouring my life process, my journey, through my fires, from places of pain and darkness to places that I might stand in my truth; my work is not a career, it’s a way of life.” ~Francis Dick
Here’s my truth.
My work, is my way of life also. It’s 4:47 AM. I’m sitting here in a nightgown and a robe with my hood over my head (yup that picture). I’ve been awake since 3 because I went to bed at 7:30 after being awake at 2 and 3 the previous nights. I’m not ruminating, just awake.
I was very agitated 2 hours ago because I WANT to be my best today for all the lovely souls who I’ll meet. I want to be my best today for all of those people who will invest in a reading with me today.
I want to be my best today, because I so very much want my life to be different 6 months from now… well 4 if you consider I was told 2 months ago to “give myself 6 months..” during a channeled message I received for myself. So I kinda feel like the clock is ticking.
But as I sit here, in the soft glow of a salt lamp, and my laptop dimmed as much as possible, I realize something. This is a “how” moment.
Creator woke me up. Creator always wakes me up. (We will have a one sided discussion about this later..I’m sure )
My how this morning, is showing up as I am, because I was called to the page, to writing about signs, and art, and creation and life choices.
Writing about knowing when to listen.
Writing about knowing that our work, my work, is so very deeply important in this world, and we never know who we touch, inspire or support.
So if I have to sit here in the middle of the night/morning wrapped in my heavy weight champion prize fighting robe with my favourite knit one of a kind blanket on my lap, doing what I need to do, then that’s how… it’ll have to be.
Heather ??