The other morning I took the back roads home rather than the highway after an early morning shopping trip.  I often like to take the back roads as I find they provide me with the most comfort and clarity.  Even in the times I don’t know I need it.

Out of “no where” – you know, the place we all say something came from when what I think we really want to say is a sign from the Universe, God, Creator, or other Magical Place…    a Crow.

He flew toward me and circled.  With each loop he came closer to me and I just kept saying over and over thank you thank you THANK YOU.

I could have cried. I was completely taken by this moment, and everything I’d been wondering about, worrying over or contemplating simply left my being. 

It was as if Crow was gathering all the troubles and clearing my energy. As quickly as he swooped in, he was gone.

When we were still in our summer place the Crows would visit me every day.  They would sing their songs, deliver their messages and always fly over head and circle to let me know they were there.

Now, at our home I can still hear them sing their songs, one spent time on the balcony railing recently, and another left me one of his feathers.

Many people have an association with crows as death or bad luck. But for me, as one of my animal totems, they remind me of change, personal integrity, of leaning into what I know to be true, and that it doesn’t matter what anyone else’s perception or belief is, my soul will speak my true song for me.

As we circle the final days of this decade, which to be perfectly honest I keep forgetting about, I realize just how much has changed for me in the last 10 years, and how excited I am to welcome the magic of 2020.