I realized a while back that I was on the receiving end of WAY too many emails.  Items that were simply cluttering my inbox, and I’d spend an hour getting lost in digging through the stuff I really wanted to read and review.

I saw a program the other day that organizes your email for you, based on your usage and history.  So upon investigation it showed that it would sort my emails based on important and not important “junk” to get to later.  It got me thinking.  If it was “junk” then why on earth was I even receiving it? Rather than spending the money on this service, or even signing up for the free trial, I decided to do something else.

I call it the magical unsubscribe button. Usually towards the bottom of all emails a simple couple of clicks and boom, you’re done, no more emails to sort from that sender.

We already fill our heads with so much noise, that we need to learn how to lighten that load.   Not only with emails, but with situations and life in general.  We can unsubscribe to anything we want! Drama, energy vampires, friends who aren’t really friends, parties and functions we don’t really want to attend, television, Facebook pages and groups that don’t make your heart sing. You name it, you can have it make a quick exit from your life.  You just have to choose.

What can you unsubscribe to, to help clear up your mind?