I want to introduce you to someone. It’s been a struggle to embrace and know this person because she challenges me beyond belief. She shows me things I don’t know or want to believe or understand. She has pushed my limits, she has put me into situations that I have no choice but to learn from. She gave me the toughest of moments to struggle through the mud with, and she made me stab my glittery Unicorn horn in some dark places.

She puts her hands on me and she shakes me to my core until I have no choice but to see, know, feel and love.

But, oh my she shows me beauty, she shows me truth, she shows me magic and miracles and absolute divinity. She runs a current through my body, and she sets my hands on fire. She channels messages and she lights the way.

I was introduced to her 15 months ago, and as it was explained to me who she was, I still didn’t quite understand.

This morning, she put her hands around my existence, poured her essence into me and I knew.

When I first met her, it was the same day that my love White Eagle (Adrian) was guided to allow me to smoke his Canupa (Sacred Pipe), as up to that point it had been his personal pipe only. It was the same day, that I knew life in a way I had never experienced before. You see Adrian introduced me to Faith Healer; because he knew. He knew her better than she knew herself.

Today when we woke, precisely 15 months and 5 days to that moment back in time, Adrian asked me a question and in that moment I was able to now embrace in my own way who she is.

Allow me to introduce you to her.

Hello, I’m Faith Healer, and it is a humble, grateful, pleasure to be here. ??