For years growing up I would hear how “insane” people were around the time of the full moon. I never felt this way. I always felt incredibly empowered, intuitive and dialed in during the full moon. I would never speak of this though, because back then, I hadn’t quite found my voice. Even today, when people share their various energies, and how unsettled everything is, I often hesitate to share that I feel completely the opposite. Apparently I’m still working on finding my voice on certain topics.
My soul is wise and knows all I need to know, but my beautiful thinking mind and brain cannot quite articulate or comprehend it all yet. I’ve found myself being more drawn to moon medicine, I’ve just started looking more into this and the more I read, the more sense everything seems to make to me. I feel there is some potent medicine for me to add to my collection to help myself and others heal.
What I know for sure is that I’m glad I didn’t buy in to what I was told about the Full Moon, but instead chose my own path and story to align with. I can now witness before me what unfolds during this time, rather than engage with it.
On this beautiful full moon day, I send you full moon blessings, and if you’d like, you can release that which no longer serves, especially stories that don’t align with your soul.