One of the things I’ve been doing lately is going through some of my older pieces of writing. It’s incredible to me to see the changes that have transpired in the last 6 years or so. Which is as far back as I can find for when I started publicly sharing my words in a more intentional way. It feels like a lot longer but so far 2013 is the furthest date I can find.

As I read over some of them, I can see the shift of my energy, my outlook, and my attitude. I can see how much growth has unfolded in my life.
Here I am today, in the last hour or so reflecting upon my works, and my work. My work of healing I suppose you’d say, which now feels much more like a graceful dance and work of art, than a rigid and challenging task.

If you started to choose better for yourself in just one area today, can you imagine where you’d be tomorrow, or in 6 years from now? Will you look back as I have and think, wow, I did that. I really did that.

Here I am in the space and time of receiving and allowing and knowing that it is from those changes I’ve intentionally made to bring me to this moment in time.