appointmentI just spent the last hour trying to get an online scheduler to work so that people can book their appointments with me. I sat here becoming more and more agitated and on my second cup of hot goodness running through my veins and a pain in my brain from thinking too hard… I was slapped in the head energetically. Ouch. That one might leave a mark.

1 – I had a conversation on my wall about typewriters, various types of paper and handwritten letters and remembered how much I missed this way of being.

2 – I saw an article about how pen and paper are awesome for to-do lists which reminded me of how much I love journals, agendas, paper, pens, markers. DO NOT let me loose in a stationary store.

So, I’ve decided that for now, I’m sticking with a good old pen and paper system, and if YOU want an appointment, you can call, send me a text or a PM with a time that works for you.

For those of you needing a little info of what exactly goes on in my Intuitive Healing and Reiki Practitioner world….

Let’s frame it this way. After years of study and working with clients from a text book and clinical” perspective, I learned I wanted to offer more and bring my Intuitive Gift into my work.

An appointment goes a little something like this…So the best way to explain it is this. You present with an issue, a concern, a question. I call on the Creator, Spirit, Angels, Guides and any Messengers to be called upon, and I feel their offerings and voice them to you. I use Reiki energy when you grant me permission, and I allow it to flow through to you. Yes, even at a distance. We don’t need to be in the same room for this to work. Say what?! Yes. It’s quite magical.

Yes, absolutely, us Healers / Medicine Men and Women / Lightworkers sounded a bit – “woo woo” to me as well, but it was only once I embraced my gifts in that realm, sought out those healers myself did I truly tap into my divine gifts of healing and a-typical medicines.

Do you need an unapologetic healing session? Don’t worry, if you’re skeptical so was I. Until it changed my way of being completely, cracked my heart wide open, and made for a beautiful life. Don’t worry, I still have shitty normal every day – days also, it’s not all Unicorns and Lotuses, but the rates of awesome days versus not so awesome days are certainly winning.

Since my schedule isn’t published anywhere at the moment for your viewing pleasure, please send me a note and we can coordinate at that time.

I’ve also simplified my rates: payable by e-transfer or credit card. Does it get any easier?

15 minutes = $25
30 minutes = $50
45 minutes = $75
1 hour = $100

Pretty neat huh? Sometimes keeping things simple, … wait.. scratch that. Keeping things simple, is the best and only way I’ll be conducting my business and life this year.