As I watch the sun rise, I am reminded that I know deep truths. I have been gifted with knowledge, with intuition and with a beautiful life. It wasn’t always this way. I had periods of many years linked together of agony, of mistrust, and of not knowing. As I began to heal, I started to realize that all of the things I had been taught not to question, not to analyze, not to wonder about, were all the things that I now know, were an integral part of who I REALLY am.

I’ve written on this topic in the past when I was just breaching the surface of this understanding, but now, after this week, I know even more things about myself and I never DREAMED these things would be possible. I’m no longer afraid to question when something doesn’t feel right. I’m no longer going to silence myself when I see something being done incorrectly that isn’t contributing to this gift of a life we have. I’m also no longer shackled to the way I think things “should” be.

I stand here before you, as a person who knows, knows from experiences, and knows from a deep part of my soul, that most of the things we believe about ourselves, is not true. Even the stuff that we’ve been “diagnosed” with. No, I don’t have research papers, or studies to show you, and I was always a science and proof based girl. But that wasn’t serving who I was. What has served me, is having unwavering faith in knowing that all is well, and that the more loving I am in every aspect, the more I honour my gifted life.

To be continued…