It’s 5:30 am in my world. It’s dark. It’s quiet. It’s the day of the new moon, and in some parts of the world, it’s also the night we change the clocks (can we stop this non-sense yet?)…the clock part that is.

I mentioned several times this week in sessions and readings that Spring is a week away.

You may remember, that three months ago I had suggested everyone go into a blanket fort for the winter season so they could spend time with themselves.

Growing. Learning. Healing.

I was thinking this morning about how much has changed for me in the last three months. Besides more gray hair, and a milestone birthday.

I’ve made changes in lifestyle (think health and wellness), and I’ve also made changes in business.

I’ve slowed down and scaled back everything very intentionally. I realized that I was still carrying some ‘hustle’ programming from a previous chapter of my life.

I realized I was putting too much time and energy into other people’s programming, dreams and ideas.

Do you know what happened?

I’m calmer, more rested, less anxious, and feeling very much in harmony with my life overall.

My business planning is also balancing out, and I have a clearer picture of the path ahead. Let’s be honest, I also generated more money. Yep. Relaxation = Money, and other various forms of support and abundance.

I’ll never forget when I asked one of my mentors what she recommended I do when I was just starting out and still part-time running my business. She looked me straight in the eyes (yep on zoom) and said get a pedicure. I’m sure I gave her a typical Heather look. (because I have one of those faces that gives away everything). She went on to say that that was the advice her mentor had given her in previous years.

Relax. Take care of yourself. Listen to what your body needs.

So although I did not get a pedicure in the last handful of months due to the situation that shall remain nameless, I did, dedicate the first several hours of my mornings to personal care and development. Quiet time, and so on.

I meet clients on certain days and not on others. I adjusted my work hours, and dedicate certain periods of the day and week absolutely work-free, and in some instances screen-free.

I turned down the noise and started listening to myself, and Spirit (affectionally known as ‘The Boss’).

What do I mean by noise? It’s a safe assumption that some people think of noise as construction crews, loud music (unless it’s a song I love then clearly NOT noise), screaming kids. All true.

I’m talking about another kind of noise. The newsfeed, the five different courses you signed up for, the 42 different coaches you follow who all say something different, or the groups you follow that are filled with people who complain and operate on ‘mode sarcasm’ at all times. The news. The newspaper. Your sibling. Your parent. Your ‘friends’.
The pseudo-healer who has the top 4 secrets to share with you about your life that you need to change, and charges you $1000 to do so.

P.S. Anything that leads with ‘Top Secrets’ is probably clickbait, to put you in a fear-based place of lack so you think you’re missing out if you don’t sign up ‘right now’. There are quality ‘non-secrets’ out there that are free. Like this article. 😉

The point I’m trying to make is that we are surrounded by so much fluff and noise all the time, that I’m going to let you in on a not-so-little-secret that I’m not going to whisper to you.

Are you ready?


(Now you can send me the $1,000 for this top-secret tip, or for today only you can have it for $99!, watch this message automatically screw with algorithms and or end up in junk mail to my newsletter subscribers now – see? multi-purpose content free biz tip).

You need quiet so you can listen to your beautiful beating heart, and the direction from within.
Why? Because we are all Intuitive. SURPRISE! (damn, I’m giving away all the secrets, please drop another grand for that one).

This is probably why I want to drop the ‘intuitive’ title from my name because it’s nothing unique.
I, as a person, just as you, as a person are unique. The Intuitive thing? We’ve all got it. We’ve just forgotten how to tap into it.

It’s buried in you. This is probably one of the things I help people with the most.
After I dislodge all the rubble and debris, amplify self-love (which people still seem to think is a ‘treat’ versus a way of being) then we can get to the teaching of listening to your intuition. Of learning how to be quiet, so you can listen to yourself.

Today, I invite you to listen to yourself. Enjoy the darkness. The quiet. This final week of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere ( Hello my one Australian friend reading this.. enjoy your final week of summer in your hemisphere).

Darkness isn’t a bad thing. It’s how we grow, nurture, and emerge. Look at nature. There are plants that close up and sleep at night (I’m sure that’s not the proper term but if you picture it, it’s cute, these little plants tucked in with a blanky and a pillow). Then as the day begins, the temperature shifts, the sun rises, and the plants open back up again.

Or, my personal favourite, growing through the mud, to emerge up up up through the water, to reach the point of where the air touches the surface and now a beautiful lotus sits.

So take some time today ‘go within’ and ‘be’ with yourself. Try it for 5 minutes. Send me a message and tell me what it was like. I won’t even charge you for this suggestion or the reply ?

You may want a paper and pen to write down anything that comes up for you to reflect on later.

Give yourself the gift of you. You’re a remarkable human, so treat yourself like one. ??