Soul intentions and truths arrived loud and clear this morning.

They say you should write for yourself. Write what your soul wants to share.  I know they are right, and I also know what that leads to at times.









It can be a challenge not to focus on the first list of the four words I shared, but when you first enter the arena of sacred soul sharing, the mind is often still in charge. Looking for the likes, the reactions, the attention.

Then, one day it shifts, you begin to experience the latter half of the list. Your heart opens just a little more and you realize that you really are writing for yourself.  The tone changes, the intention adjusts, and clarity is the path before you.

As I continue on in my journey of healing, I am acutely aware of my driving and motivating forces.

I remember the days of being so concerned about who would react to what, and what they might say.  I remember thinking I had to show up a certain way in order to be seen a particular way.  I remembered I would dull myself, to fit in.  Until that stifled me.

I know the pain of friends no longer being friends, of groups no longer aligning, and experiences of the depths of truths I never would have known other wise.

Looking Inward

We often point outward thinking that ‘they’ don’t fit with us anymore, when actually, it is all us. We have outgrown the level that we were operating at and the soul resonance adjusts to what we are now drawn to, or what is drawn to us.

In sitting down to write this this morning, I had no idea what would arrive, I dare say that this is the ultimate of living in the moment.  

It’s been far too long for me to not give myself this time. You see it is during these sitting and writing times, that I have done the deepest healing, cried the hardest of cries, and laughed at my wildly nutty sense of humour as I ramble on about something else.

This is my necessity. Writing is my balm, my love, my everything. They can take away all of my everything, and if all that remained were the words in me, I would never be void.

Self Forgiveness and Compassion

Consequently, today my soul has awakened to knowing the truth of some past decisions, and because of this I hold deep compassion and forgiveness for myself. Even more importantly I know I was operating at the level of my then understanding.

One of my favourite teachers Maya Angelou, is quoted as saying, “When you know better you do better.

Today, I hold the sacred intention of doing better.

Will you make time to hear your Soul Intentions and Truths?