I remember being very young and OFTEN told ‘it’s just your imagination’.  It was said with such a dismissive and negative tone that I learned to ignore my “imagination”.  Which I would much later learn was my intuition. My poor soul.  Never being heard, always being ignored, always being silenced if it did manage to muster up the strength to get a message through.

It is no wonder I struggled for years trying to trust my instincts and my intuition.  If you repeatedly tell someone they cannot do something, what do you think will happen? In my situation, I shut down, turn off the skill, ignored the gift, and didn’t believe in my dreams.

It wasn’t until I started imagining a different way of BEING, which ultimately turned out to be the exact opposite of what I was DOING. I began to listen to my intuition. I started following my dreams.  My wishes started to come true. I got a do-over. I got a do-over because I decided I wanted a do-over.  It can be that simple, you just have to allow it.

What would you do differently? What would you bring into your life? What gift are you silencing? What would love do?