You inspire me.
You’ve helped me heal.
That resonates.
Thank you for being part of my healing journey.

The statements above, were all said to me yesterday.  Completely unexpected, not prompted, yet so deeply moving and affirming of why I do what I do.

Many people over the years have asked me about why I’ve chosen to share intimate details of my life in some of my writings.  The answer is simple, I am here to serve and heal.

I bring my truth and lived experiences to the page because I know it intimately, as every breath and minute have been mine to love or agonize over.

I no longer fear my non-supporters.  I no longer fear questions like, why did you write that? I no longer fear my truth.

I love that I am given so many platforms to share, and serve.  I love my words, that come while I sit in the dark morning, drink coffee and listen to ambient music, have helped another human on their journey.

I love, that I am a healer.  It has taken time for me to get to this place, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, I thank you dear audience, client, passerby, you, inspire me.