Every time I ignore my intuition I learn a big life lesson. Thank you Universe. I hate you. I also love you.

It doesn’t matter how many insights I’ve had, how many times I’ve saved my own life, how many times I’ve been on point with people, situations, and events, I still, disregard her sometimes. Why?

Is that the ego? Well fuck, yeah of course it is, the ego and the soul don’t have a particularly fancy relationship. The soul is this pure light and love, the ego is a little prick.

My intuition knows. She always knows. My ego is jealous, angry, resentful and feeling left out. See, I lived for so long through my ego place, that when I finally decided that no longer served me, and what suited my path, the ego felt left out. The ego, with all the trickery, manipulation, games and malicious intent was no longer in control. But some times, some days, I have less than favourable moments.

You don’t see those less than favourable moments very often anymore unless you’ve known me for decades, as most of you are new members to my beautiful tribe.

Some of you have seen every angle of vulnerability I’ve presented, some of you watch from the sidelines, (yes I know you’re there) and some of you are neck deep with me, helping me while I flailed in the mud.

Tomorrow, is my half birthday. Every day, I celebrate life, and every year, I celebrate my birthday and my half birthday. For those of you who have no idea what a half birthday is, it’s the day in which you celebrate your age at the half mark. So remember when you were a kid and you were pleased as punch because you wanted to say you were 5 and a HALF? Well that’s the half birthday.

On this day, I want you to know, that the ego doesn’t have to win, that the soul is pure, the soul knows the way always. I also write this to remind myself, since apparently I need to be punched in the gut a few times by my Guides in order for me to U N D E R S T A N D that I need to listen to my intuition. You may have less than shining moments, because we all have shitty days from time to time, but for the love of all that’s miraculous in this life, don’t let it ruin or rule you.

Get back to center. Get back to what’s real. Get back to love.

Don’t let a shitty moment in time take control of every next step. Have your process. Feel your feelings, and then get your soul dialed in again. I N T U I T I O N.

Don’t let the fear win.
I repeat, don’t let the fear win.

Don’t compare your current situation to past situations. Make the decision, to look at everything, as if through the eyes of a child, each moment as fresh and new as if you’ve never seen these things before. The eyes of the child who is thrilled to celebrate their half birthday because they are so excited about life.

Shine on my Unicorns, and remember, only love is real.