I’ve just read another article on the impact of the solar eclipse.
I used to think this stuff [energy stuff] was hogwash, until it started happening to me. Like my 3 weeks in energetic hell last year, around this time, that some of you may remember reading about Then the eclipse this week, and many other events in between, and over the years.
I thought it was hogwash because I was raised to believe things like this were not the case.
My new truth, well, not so new anymore, it that it is ALL connected.
That rock over there that I thought had zero ability to impact me? Some random [not so much] event that I’ve long since forgotten about from say last night even, or a week ago?. That fragrance in an air freshener? The sugar in a food item? The positioning of how I have my space organized, or not. The news. The Facebook groups. Sleeping beside my partner or not. Conversations in grocery stores about Avocados.
All of it. It all, plays a role.
The key is to not get caught up in what all of it means. When I first discovered this for myself I was scattered, lost, and created more anxiety for myself than anything. Soon, after reading and talking to the supports in my life at the time, I slowly learned that it was about becoming aware of what’s going on around me, and really asking, how does this “thing” feel here, versus there. How does this scent, impact me? How does this route to work make me feel when approaching it, on it, and then during it?
Once I could identify how things impacted me, I could review, and make changes.
The medicine, is in the allowing, the noticing, and then the knowing and the changing.
Heather ??