The other day a friend/peer/client/professional/service provider in my life, had expressed how they have these moments of wanting to do their professional development and personal shares, but there is so much overlap in our worlds that they don’t want to appear “unfit” for a job, or “unstable” to teach, train, mentor, coach, or hire.

We had a brief chat about it, and will dive deeper I’m sure, but what I loved the most how we are so concerned about how we present ourselves, yet we all have issues, experiences and life lessons we go through that (hey pssst not so secret top secret).. we all have!

We are all human, and we all make an outstanding mess of our lives as much as we make magic.

We do what we need to do, to get through the day, and some days are less stellar than others.

Let’s take my morning for example. Up at 4:30. Laundry started by 5:00ish, (gotta get those time of use perks in), showered, cleaned up the kitchen, put the laundry away, posted in the 2 online groups I’m leading and then decided I wanted to order breakfast for myself from a local restaurant that makes a really good meal.

But, I wasn’t in the mood for socializing and I wanted to eat at home alone.

So, I called in my order, grabbed my purse and headed down to my vehicle.

I realized, although I had dressed after the shower, [mostly for warmth because honestly clothing is such a suffocating thing when you’ve experienced naturism], but I didn’t have socks or a bra on.

Not uncommon for me while I’m puttering around the house, unless I’m on a “can be seen” web conference call or meeting with a client. Because well, status quo and the majority of the world isn’t ready for that kind of freedom yet but I digress.

My decision was quickly made when I remembered how much of a shite I don’t give when it comes to certain things sometimes, plus, winter has it’s benefits. So, with my big winter coat, blanket sized wrap scarf thing, and boots, I skipped the bra and socks, and off I went.

I did, however, already have clean underwear on, which is always important, because should you get into an accident, you want to make sure your knickers are clean, at least that’s what I remember hearing somewhere along the way.

Which humours me greatly because depending on how bad of an accident, you’d probably soil yourself anyway. Or they’ll be cut off, and that’s just wasteful.

Welcome to my brain.

Keeping it real, 100%.

I floated into the restaurant, got confused about the in /out doors. I tipped the server for bagging my goods and being a friendly face at 7:30am, and not requiring conversation. Upon leaving, I got confused again by the in/out doors, came home, dumped my winter gear, and chowed down while I watched an episode of one of my favourite tv shows.

Does this make me un-hire-able?

Does this make me un-fit?

Does this make me unable to do my job as a life coach/energy healer/spiritual guide/oracle/whatever?

Do you think less of me because I went braless and sockless and spent money to buy breakfast for myself when I could have made it at home?

I don’t need to wear a bra or socks to prove my worth, to you, or to me.

What I need, what we all need, is to show up and be ourselves.

Authentically. Take-out breakfast treat, and all, on a random Thursday, just because.

Today, I invite you to consider how much energy and effort you’re putting into your life for you, and how much of it is for the image you’re trying to put out —–> there…

When it’s in —> here ? where you will thrive, and do exceptionally well for yourself, when you explore what’s motivating you to do what you do.

Yours In Service,
Heather ? ?