As I looked into the forest that I am so grateful to live within an arm’s reach of last night, I saw how lush and full she was.  The various greens, and the depth that went on into eternity.  Every day at least twice, I look at her, and I marvel at her.  I wanted to walk into her, and just be there in all her authenticity and all her truth. From where I was standing though, there wasn’t quite a safe entry point, so I’d have go another way.

Similarly, the dark space that I’ve stood in for the last couple weeks, has been authentic.  I stood there, marveling in my truth.  My soul speak.  I knew I had to be in that place and marvel at the beauty. For some it looked dangerous and uncomfortable, but for me, I knew I was safe.

You see, for the first 28 years of my life, I was living in the dark space. Back then, I could have stood at the edge of that forest, walked into it, and never returned.  Now? A visit now and again is all I need to learn, to grow and transform some new layer.

The dark space doesn’t scare me, it catches me off guard sometimes, it puts me through energetic hell, and people around me are left looking at me wondering what on earth they should or shouldn’t do.  My answer to this is nothing.

There is nothing to fix, because I am not broken.

There is nothing to make better, because honestly it’s all good.

There is nothing to do, because I need to just be.

That is why I let myself go to the dark space.  For those first 28 years of my life of living in it, we became very good friends. Now, when it flares up, I know my limits, I know what I need or don’t need, and I know, that it is only temporary.

This morning, as I woke to that cool crisp air, I felt that energetic shift of knowing that my visit to the dark space was over. I knew that standing at the edge of the forest, and looking at her last night was an absolute creation, a mirror, of knowing what was safe, what was next and what was shifting.

Another few layers peeled, soul truths honoured, and heart, oh, so content.