When we lead with love we set ourselves up to heal forward.

We are around the two-year mark of when life as we knew it would change.

We are also in the final week of winter before we welcome the new year and season, of the Spring Equinox.

On top of that, we are going to have a week of intense solar flare activity, which will lead to increased feelings of anxiety, irritability, and irrationality.

Two years ago I wrote, “…This will be chaotic, costly, and stressful. It will bring up feelings of anxiety, helplessness and fear to levels that you have likely never experienced.”

Leading with love, and allowing ourselves to grieve the last two years with self-compassion, will help us heal forward.

Since you’re reading this, I’d like to remind you that you’ve had a 100% success rate of survival.

Some folks we love didn’t make it.

Some folks we love changed, and we can’t be in life together anymore.

Perspective is everything

I choose to see these last two years as an extended period of growth.

Pulled and pushed in ways I never anticipated.

We need to remember that grief is a process, and for that reason, I’ve been openly welcoming it into my experience in the last several months.

I have experienced plenty of dark night of the soul moments in my life – so I’ve been well versed on the topic of realizing that parts of me had to die with old ways of being and thinking, so I could move forward.

It means recognizing that whatever I think I am losing, is just no longer meant for me.

It means being open to possibilities to embody patience, compassion and kindness.

In these two years, I have received so much.

I have a closer relationship with my husband. With each passing day and month, we learn and grow together, both with bellies full of chocolate, but more so hearts full of appreciation and depth, and a soulful understanding of who we are and why we are here together.

I have a new appreciation for understanding dark emotions and the processing of those emotions. The shadow work has never slowed me down, I am in it often, and it is where I do incredible things.

I have helped others in ways I never could have dreamed possible.

I am grateful to have a business that has maintained it’s existence, even if there were quiet periods from time to time.

I am healthy in body, mind and spirit.

I have made new friends.

There is still so much more that is coming, changing, and evolving.

I can feel it deeply, and the more I lean into welcoming it, the easier it feels to get through the day.

I laugh when I need to laugh.

I grieve when I need to grieve.

As we begin to open up to what’s next, let us continue to heal from all the days that have been burned into our minds of the last two years.

May we remember to be gentle and kind to ourselves.

May we embody self-compassion.

Most importantly, let’s choose to lead with love.

H. ??