This message has been ever present and duplicating in my life for quite  while now.  Whether through lyrics, poetry, writing, books, shows, my thoughts.  Hey what can I say, when the Universe wants me to do or not do something, it’s very blunt with me.

My guides are total badasses so they also get blunt.  Fitting right?

Nothing has ever come to me in my life by having a death grip on the outcome, or by attaching myself to the desired end-goal, or by manipulating the “how” of the way something was going to happen.  NOTHING. Not money, not business, not love, not work, not happiness. None of it. Not one molecule.

I used to think I had control over all of it, I used to believe I could manipulate situations in my favour in some way, or hold on to such clear pictures of how things were “supposed” to be, that what actually happened was that I ruined the moments, the journey, the experience.  Now I did, but not in the way you’re thinking.

You see, I felt that ‘letting go’ meant giving up.  If I let go of something, it would be gone, it won’t twirl in my pretty little messed up brain and then I won’t be able to ruminate over it and make myself crazy.  There’s the control. Wait what? Yes, the control is in letting go. Come again? YES! If you don’t live in your crazy beautiful head, and instead step into alignment with your heart and live through love, the ruminating crazy thoughts, no longer have any interest in taking up space in your brain rent free. Let me explain it this way, you can fully fully fully control this, in a pure-love intention way, rather than an unhealthy unsettling negative way.  Imagine all the energy that you use in order to control situations.  It’s HUGE. It’s bigger than huge.  Now take that energy and convert it into  resource that you can use for GOOD!


It is that simple. I said simple, not easy. Or maybe it is? We get so addicted to our reckless behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that we sabotage E V E R Y T H I N G. How is it working for you? How is the manipulating going? How is the negativity going? How are the sleepless nights working for you? How’s the attitude working? How’s the ruminating thoughts these days? Seriously.

I have worked with many people over the years, I have also been on the observant side my entire life, and something I see repeatedly, are people continuing to ALLOW the gremlins be in control.  The dark thoughts. Why? Well, hey, maybe you fear success, huzzah! Maybe you fear wellness! Booyah! Maybe, just maybe, you need to get over yourself and your bullshit story, and bring yourself into the light and step into who you truly are.  (I told you they were being badasses today).

I’m not saying to disregard your feelings over a situation, they are your feelings, you can feel whatever the hell you want, but you can DECIDE to not allow those feelings to dull your sparkle.  You can DECIDE to still get up, smile, and be grateful that you get another fresh moment to be awesome. Did you ever stop and realize that we can have a do-over, every single minute if we choose? Screw this brand new day stuff, how about brand new NOW?

I know when I’m having my ‘feelz’ as I now affectionately refer to them as, I’m always on the edge of big shifts.  It has been like this my entire life.  I know in these moments, I need to reconnect to the earth.  I need to get back to the love.  I still have my days, oh trust me, I still have my days, but they are further between and they never last for extended periods of time like they once did.  See? So it is possible.

So, what do you need to let go of? Something someone said? Or did? Something YOU said or did? Something you *think* is your truth? Something you are hell-bent on holding onto because you think you need to punish yourself? Right now? Yeah you can let go now.  You have my permission.  You have the support of the Universe too.

I see you. I got you.

Peace out.

Bliss out.

Heather out.