Sorry guys, running a little late this morning. This thought flashed across my mind as if it were spoken word to a committee of people waiting for me at my desk.

When I’m having difficulty wanting to sit at my desk and work, that’s when I know it’s time to shift my focus.
I haven’t always been tuned in this way though. In the past, I would keep forcing myself to ‘do all tasks’, plus watch what needed watching, read everything and showing up for ALL the meetings.

Since I’ve unsubscribed, deleted, ignored, turned off notifications, and otherwise turned down most noise – what remains is all great material and excellent for personal and business development. But I still have to remember that I need to pay attention to the voice that matters the most.


There is a plethora of material out there that can help you along your path, no matter what it is you need to work on, or want to learn more about you can access it. We have a world of knowledge at our finger tips, from computers, to smart phones, to documentaries on Netflix.

We can find just about everything we want and learn from it. But what I have embraced is that we must also listen to our own voice. Our own words. Our own direction. Our own little committee.

When I had my thought this morning of advising my little committee that I was running late, it inspired me to reconsider how important it is to listen. It may sound silly to us when we say it or think it, but the reality is, that little voice or committee, knows exactly what you need. Since I operate from a very intuitive place it’s completely normal to me now, but it’s taken time to get used to.

So here’s a little insider tip, I check in with my inner guide, or the committee and ask: What’s going on today guys? What’s the focus today? What do we need to do today?

Try it, I promise no one will laugh but you, because this is between you, yourself, and you. 😉

What does your inner wisdom keeper have to share with you?

What is your soul-committee voice saying you need?