This this past weekend I attended my husband’s aunt’s birthday party.

In a handful of days, she will be turning 90!

She’s sharp, full of wit, and rolls her eyes at silly things. Which delights me to no end.

As her friends and family continued to arrive, the collection of friends and neighbours was unlimited. It was fascinating and overwhelming all at the same time. The last time we had gathered at that spot was in 2016 when we were celebrating the life of her husband who had passed. It was quite lovely to attend for happier reasons this time.

As we all sat and chatted in the various groups that had formed, another car pulled up, and it was her 99-year-old friend who is turning 100 in October!

I was in awe to begin with, but this took it to a whole other level for me.

It moved me.

It showed me possibility.

It showed me strength.

It gave me perspective.

I wondered what ‘little things’ they stopped worrying about to keep their hearts happy, and their minds sharp.

I thought about what they stopped doing, or started doing, and when, during their many days to keep their Spirits high.

It was an honour to be sitting with such wisdom. There were many people there, and at one point, I had the best seat in the house, right in front of these two beautiful ladies who have likely seen more, said more, and done more than many of the people I know combined!

I haven’t had many people in my life live beyond their mid-60s. I’ve been surrounded by people who haven’t aged well in body or mind, and I continue to see it.

These two women showed me what’s possible. I know you hear about people living to 90 or 100, but when you sit in their presence, it is a whole other experience.

One of my favourite moments with them was that as they laughed, their lips lined with celebratory black icing from the birthday cake, they didn’t appear to have a care in the world other than that divine moment.

I want those moments.

I want to live fully, with laughter, surrounded by all the magic of life.

And just like them… I will refuse to have a walker or a cane.
You might have to help me pick up my walking sticks or let me lean on you when you come in for a hug, but whatever you do, make sure you bring me the corner piece of cake, with all the black icing.

As I sat to write this today, it brought me back to a memory of being 6 or 7 years old, and saying that I’d live to be 100. Save the date! January 2nd 2,081.

It might be 58 and a ½ years from now but I pray that the Great Spirit gifts me with a memory that lasts, a body that stands the test of time, and the patience to help me get that far.