Don’t allow your ego eyes to rule.  Instead, explore each situation you encounter today with love.

Yes. Every situation.  The guy who cut in front of you on the highway.  The coworker that shows up late. The person ahead of you who takes too long to order their menu items.  The sibling that has a different viewpoint.  The annoying parent.  The traffic.  The demands of others. The spouse who forgot to take out the trash. The friend who didn’t return the call.

Don’t allow yourself to be reduced to fragments of your true self simply because you elect to look at situations at the surface level.  Go deeper.  Push the ego-eye viewpoint.

What if, for just one moment, when faced with situations, we take a split second to choose to respond differently.  What if we say ‘wow, that guy must be having a bad day’, rather than flipping him off?  What if, the guy ordering from the menu has anxiety because it is his first day at his new job and hasn’t worked in a few years because he’s been on compassionate leave? What if the traffic is because someone had a medical issue and is now on the side of the road fighting for their life? Or maybe the guy who cut you off has been depressed and thought about ending their life that morning.  Maybe the coworker that showed up late is dealing with an elderly parent at home.  Maybe the parent who calls you every time every week and asks you the same questions is just struggling to connect. Maybe. Just maybe.

Remember, people can only work within their frame of reference and the scope of that which they are dealing with.  We don’t know the pains of others.  We cannot possibly know.  But we judge.  We complain, we groan, we see someone doing something that we don’t like, for whatever reason, and we look at everything with unloving eyes.

Can we try today to be a little loving? Just try? What if, we all did this? What if, we all just loved a little bit today? What would happen? What if we viewed with love, rather than with ego?