The other day I saw a short and sweet post that said 2018 is about manifesting and clarity.

I loved this.

Clarity is one of my super powers that I bring to any situation, and manifesting and I go way back.

I have been having a casual affair with the law of attraction for nearly a decade, and I’ve committed once in a while, but then quickly abandoned it.

Just this week, after a few divinely timed events, I was reflecting on everything I have called into my life in the last couple of years in a very intentional way.

I mean everything.

All the good stuff, and all the seemingly “not so good” stuff.

I remembered the books I would fill with pages and pages of gratitude.  Line after line I would write everything I was grateful for, including the stuff that hadn’t yet physically arrived, but was on it’s way to me.

I would write how I felt about all those things, as I created stories about how it would feel, and really got into the vibe as if whatever it was, had already arrived and I was living it, receiving it, or experiencing it in some way.

You know, I believe in the woo.  I believe in the magic, but as life happens, the magic gets put on the backburner and it sometimes slips away for a moment or two, and then we are left with doubts because the “thing” never came to fruition.

We give up.

We give up because we are tired, frustrated, impatient and easily annoyed humans.

Some of us, come back to it, some of us don’t.  Some don’t even try, yet they continue to gripe about the problem, rather than living in the solution. (Definitely in my top 10 list of pet peeves)

You know the people. The people who have given up? The people who you see several years later, still stuck in the same relationship, job, home, lifestyle and nothing has changed. Yup, those folks.

So I had to own this and look at the areas that I’ve been unsatisfied with, and feel into what action steps I would take going forward to manifest what I wanted in those areas.

Last night as I was preparing for bed, I read todays message from Yasmin Boland (she’s awesome check her out) from her book Moonology, she writes;

Crescent Moon in Pisces: This is the time to allow your dreams to blossom and flourish. If it doesn’t sound too poetic, think of yourself and your dreams as a flower that’s opening up.

Remember, the Moon is moving from being invisible to full power, and it’s the same for your dreams.

Right now you might not be able to see what you’re going to manifest, but before too long they will start to show up, just as the sliver of the Waxing Crescent Moon is showing up in the skies.”

Another reminder, for me to keep dreaming, keep believing, and keep trusting. Just because I (we) can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.




On this calm, blessed morning, if you are open to receive, I send you a big beautiful dose of love to infuse into your being for the magic and manifesting power you would like to call in, for the good of all, or not at all.


~RockYourMud RockYourMud2