We have the Full Worm Moon, the 3rd and final supermoon of 2019, and we also have the spring equinox.


That’s right, Wednesday March 20th is all kinds of awesome and a free confetti cannon.

I want to offer some Heather magic, my personal take, and some information on symbolism.

Spring is a fresh, brilliant, and beautiful beginning.

The winter months have passed, the seeds have been long planted, and now, we can feel a new gratitude for the beauty we are shown.

Based on teachings of the Native Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop, Spring, is held in the east direction and is also yellow in colour.

The eastern direction is where we start our day with the rising of the sun. I’ve always felt a strong affinity to facing east, and the rising sun.

Yellow, is the colour of the solar plexus chakra. The Sanskrit word for the solar plexus is Manipura, translated as ‘shining gem’, It is about our personal power, it does not mean power over others; it means self-mastery. It, empowers you to follow and not be distracted from your true path.

True path = Integrity. Soul Integrity. I teach and speak of this often. Most days, I live it, and even on the difficult days, I learn, and return to true path.

Yellow is also a primary colour from a single ray of light.

I believe, we are all source energy. We are all one.

The yellow also represents the fire quadrant of the medicine wheel.

At this time, although we are welcoming the new with spring, we are also casting out the old with the sacred fire.

Fire has been a daily tool, with candles, and burning all that no longer serves.

The Eagle is also represented in this quadrant of the medicine wheel. When we consider the Eagle, or Condor medicine of the Shamans we know that the vision of the eagle is to show us the bigger vision and picture of the world, but also of ourselves.

When I work with others, I hold and illuminate the highest vision, and healed version of the the person. Although we are not broken, and we are not in need of fixing, it is the mind that confuses us into thinking so. With Eagle/Condor medicine, we journey and fly above so that we may see our soul, our truth.

Tobacco is the sacred medicine that is used for offerings. At this time, we give thanks/gratitude to surviving our hibernation period, and we give thanks for another trip around the sun, and the day that greets us.

Gratitude is one of the many game changers I speak of. It is a component that many of us take for granted, myself included at times. I’ve come to believe that it is a lifestyle choice, to perceive our experiences with gratitude.

This is one full moon, of many, that I hold a deeper respect for the gifts I have been gifted.

I am grateful, humbled and blessed.

Yours in service,