Dear Self,

You were a good human today.

You helped a couple people out and helped get your purple couch delivered to them.

You also ate ice cream and now your guts hurt. You do remember that ice cream is dairy right?

You tried Yoga today. For the first time in about 5 years. It sucked. You hated it. But you did it, and promised to find one before your session tomorrow that is more friendly for your body type, and attention span.

You also bought some epic new pots, the copper coloured ones that you’ve been obsessing over for a while, and you finally decided that you deserved to have a set that you were in love with. Horray for upgrades. This also means that you’ll have to make good on that to-do list item called “Meal Plan”. This is the best way to honour and respect your new acquisition.

Finally, it’s Beltane. It’s a good day for birthing new ideas.

So maybe give this ‘dear diary’ thing a shot on FB and your Blog. It may be a great way to create honest content, AND, if nothing else, maybe you’ll make someone laugh, or cry, or have some other emotional response that’s appropriate for whatever you share.

You’re killin’ it, even when you think you don’t, feel free to drop into fetal-position-pose, when needed.

See ya tomorrow kid.