Oh, how they often take over. We set up to learn how to do something or try to remember something we used to do from long ago. But we just can’t remember. Or we doubt what we are creating. 

As a writer, I experience this daily. Yes. Daily.

The days when I think ‘wow, this particular piece is absolute trash’ is the one that resonates the most and I receive the most feedback on. 

It’s true.

Mind Gremlins. They take over. They tell us all kinds of silly things, leading to self-doubt, not-good-enough-ness and an orchestra of other lies. Usually at 3 am. 

But one thing I know, with absolute certainty, is that no matter how hard my Mind Gremlins try to state their case, there is always someone who shows up in my life to share the impact of an experience they had with me. Or a moment in time when someone smiles and I realize that just being in their energy is what they needed. 

Notice your Mind Gremlins today, but don’t let them play. Let them know you see them and hear them, but that you’re trying something different today. Then keep reminding them whenever they show up. 

Eventually, over time, you’ll feel better about noticing them and become more amused by them than anything else.