In keeping true to my focus lately, I’m sticking with my mindset theme this week.
As you’ve read in previous days, I’ve been really realigning my focus. Really owning the responsibility of my thoughts, feelings and actions.
My biggest lesson lately has been that we are only ready, when we are ready.
The fact is that people are only ready when they are ready.
Let’s take a murky mindset. For some reason, we human types hang out there. Maybe it’s because it’s all we know, maybe it’s because that’s what we grew up with, maybe it’s because we feel like we can’t get anything done “right”. Whatever the murky story is, that’s the reference point the person we are working from.
You’ve done it. I’ve done it.
Then, one day, we wake up, or something happens, and we have this moment of…clarity.
We decide that this murky mindset is not working anymore. We’re just kind of done with it.
This is where the magic happens. The magic of creation. The magic of seeking. The magic of change.
You see as soon as you DECIDE to do things differently, is when ideas flow, people show up, posts on pages and groups suddenly open your eyes and you think, wow, it has been here all along, but your awareness was what was missing it because you just weren’t ready to surrender your story yet.
Then you are. So things just start coming up Unicorns and Rainbows and O.M.G. life is a magical creation, and everything is wonderful, and you’re in love with the trees, and strangers, and suddenly your job is perfect, and your spouse is a delightful ray of sunshine, and your kids are just sweet little humans and you’re rich, and everything is f*cking GREAT! NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU.
THEN, it happens, the murky mindset creeps in. Someone says something or does something. You see an angry post, you watch the news (don’t get me started on the news), you have a less than charming interaction with your loved one, whatever it may be, the MURK has RETURNED! Damn you murk!
This, is, just, a, test.
Yup. This is life, showing up, to see HOW you handle yourself. YOU are responsible for you. Your murk or your magic.
This is the glory of life. It continues to show up and send things your way, because you need to keep learning. We all do.
I LEARN DAILY. I haven’t got it all figured out, I don’t think I ever will. Each day, week, year sometimes hour to hour, brings a new layer to peel back and evolve from. Each layer I heal, brings me that much closer to aligning with my soul magic.
Until you learn your lessons, the lessons will keep repeating themselves.
This is why I do the work I do. This is why my soul purpose is to help people see the magic in the murk. It is THERE. I promise you with every fibre of my being and Spirit, your magic exists.
Are you ready to step into your magic? Or do you want to continue in the murk?