If you have no desire to read what I picked up for the energy insights of this month, then please skip this post.

You are being asked to get clear on what you want, who you want around, and get back to your truth. You cannot step into the new chapter, with your old thoughts and beliefs.

Imagine trying to wear shoes from when you were 5.

Spiritual expansion, purposeful living and seeing the world with intentionality is a brand way of being. Consider this, you’ve been given a new lens to look through, and things will become clearer. Wash your metaphorical windows, so you can see through them.

In relation to others you may feel:

“Triggered” or “Baited” – or as I like to say reactive. Not everything requires your response. People are trying to pull you into their chaos. They are trying to get people on board with *their* belief system.

Understand: Not everyone is coming with you on this path. We are all experiencing life in our own unique way.

Stop expecting people to meet you and your needs with where you’re at. It’s nearly impossible! Even the most independent yet coupled people require themselves to meet their own needs. Commonly known as codependency – it’s at an all time high because people are feeling left out, left behind, abandoned. Darling – where have you abandoned yourself?

Body things you may feel:

Throat issues, scratchy, coughing, – you’re barking up the wrong tree and at the world, you need to speak your truth.

Chest, lungs, breathing – you are grieving. You are grieving layers you didn’t even know you needed to grieve. You need to let it out, find a safe comfortable quiet space to cry.

Joints and Movement – your body is not pleased with the direction you are going. You need to review your choices lately and ask – is this what I am meant to be doing, or where I am meant to be going?

We are being called to step into a ‘new version’ of ourselves. If we desire. Which means, we will be pushed, pulled, feel all the feels, and wonder what on earth we signed up for. Yes, that we signed up for. You can do this.

October is for Healing, Integration, Adjusting Frequencies and paying attention to ourselves and what the body is telling us.