What’s that saying about women being like tea bags.. and putting them in hot water?

Ah yes, thank you google. “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Lately it feels like there’s a lot of hot water around me.  Thank goodness I’m not going through menopause yet, but if it’s as uncomfortable as this, I suspect it’s comparable.

As I watched my tea steep this morning, yes, steep.  All three minutes.  I had a few moments to stop and breathe.  There seems to be a running theme lately, and when I say lately, I think it’s been about a year, where many are commenting on the “energies”.  How they are shifting, changing, and intense.

The truth is whatever it is, I’m kind of sick of it.  I’m so sick of it, that I’m sick of myself.  I’m tired of feeling miserable and not knowing why. I’m tired of feeling low vibe and out of balance. I’m tired of seeing other people suffer and also be out of balance.  There goes that empath thing again.

The flip side of course is that there are pockets of joy, like me deciding to bake cookies last night.  Or the private message from a friend telling me to keep writing.  Or the pictures I found on my phone of our anniversary get away last month.  I could give you a year’s worth of pockets of joy, but this looming energy thing has always been there.  I feel like we need to pull together, all of us, who feel this way, and decide how to deal with it, how to thrive through it, rather than exist in it.

I don’t believe that these pockets of joy, should slip away so easily. Life is not meant to be so damn difficult. But what I also realize is that I never knew how hard it was to stay high vibe, until I was consciously trying to stay high vibe.  It’s bloody exhausting!  It’s like being on a slow moving pendulum, but it sits and stays for so long on the not so great side, that we damn near beg for it to swing back, or center itself. What happened? Why do the pockets of joy disappear so easily? Are the energies really that powerful? Where is the equilibrium? At what point is enough enough? At what point do we get good and done with the energies, the hot water, the low vibes.

I see beautiful souls posting online, positive thoughts, ideas and gratitude. The people who are trying to share the good, and be the good. I honestly look for them first.  Not the highlight reel people, but the REAL people.  Then, there it is, that latest rant, the politics, and so on.  My favourite button is unfollow.

So, while you watch your tea bag steep, or drink your coffee, or your nourishing lemon honey and hot water or whatever it is you do to start your day, I leave you with this, no matter how slow that pendulum is moving, I do believe that eventually it will all balance out, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now in this moment. That these energies will change, or we will change, because things can only stay as they are for so long before something gives.