Pay It Forward
I was looking through my collection of courses today, and noticed that one was missing that I was convinced I had previously ordered. I reached out to the creator of it, explained, and she gifted it to me, because neither of us seemed to have record one way or the other.
I was deeply grateful, and in that moment I knew what I had to do.
The money I was going to spend on that course, got multiplied by 4, and I picked my 3 favourite charities and 1 fundraiser I was approached about and gave them each the amount it would have cost me for the course.
It reminded me of how not so long ago, any amount of money spent, felt like a crisis. It reminded me of the days I was bankrupt. It reminded me of the days I was pay cheque to pay cheque. Over the last year, I consciously created my life, and was able to manifest not only savings, but enough to be able to freely give when I felt authentic and compelled to do so. Gratitude again fills every cell in my body, as I realize how deeply grateful I am for the life I live.
Has someone gifted you something recently? Can you pay it forward in some way? It doesn’t have to be an equal monetary value, because as we know this is just an energy exchange, and the value comes from what you feel in your heart and soul by taking the inspired action.
~With a grateful Heart~